CAD / CATIA / Delcam


User Interface, toolbars used for sketching, creation and modifying 2D sketches, constraining the sketches, 3D models (parts) from 2D sketches, wireframe models and designing of surfaces, sheet metal design, and modification and editing of surfaces.

Duration 80 hrs

Delcam  :

Preparation of model for machining, creation of workplanes, creation of material block to be machined, tool creation for specific machining, operation of end milling/turning, and roughing, finishing strategies, drilling tools and toolpaths.

Duration 80 hrs

Autocad for Civil & Mechanical, Electrical:

3D modeling concept in AutoCAD, Visual Styles and plane introduction 3D Move, 3D Rotate, 3D Align, union, Intersect and Subtract, smooth mesh, smooth mesh primitives.

Duration – 64 hrs

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